Our Stronger, Leaner and Shred (S.L.S) Transformation Program!

Our 28 day program is now open for bookings commencing in January 2017



Our fantastic S.L.S Programme is a ladies-only group training programme where you can feel comfortable and confident exercising no matter what shape, size or fitness ability!


Designed to be a small group training programme with a select number of only 15 ladies it can help you achieve real results and build a firm foundation for long term success!



"I have completed 12 weeks of the S.L.S Programme and in that time I dropped 18 inches of body fat as well as lose 1 and a half stones!"

(Our S.L.S client Emma)


" I lost an amazing 18 inches and 8lbs. I havent exercised since having my children and now love it"!!!!

( Our client Kirilea)

 "I'm well chuffed Helen, thank you so much, I lost 14.5 inches and 5lb! I can't wait for the next 6 weeks!"

(Our S.L.S client Carolyn)



"Cant believe i lost 14 pounds and 8 inches, 4 inches was just off my waist!"

(Our client Joanne)


Over the 28 days, i not only gained confidence but actually enjoyed exercise once again! I was very nervous to start but everyone was so friendly , it was a great support network. My final results were 10 lbs and i dropped 2 dress sizes which was the icing on the cake !!!


During our last S.L.S Programme 90% of the ladies lost between 8 lbs and a stone and from 7 up to 18 inches of body fat!



Get the support to improve your strength, stamina and flexibility!  


Our S.L.S is a progressive programme, where over the weeks we aim to help you improve strength, stamina, lean muscle tissue, improve flexibility and posture and help you prevent injuries occuring. Requiring focus and determination, we will provide the motivation to help you along the way!


Focused on changing the way that you exercise, we help every individual work to their own capabilities and you will never be made to do an exercise you are not ready to perform. Don't worry about feeling silly or not capable! The great thing about small group training means we are on hand to offer the guidance and support to each person when needed.


Many ladies have said that they felt empowered by our past S.L.S Programmes and they found it quite an emotional journey.


Remember that knowledge is power, so providing you with all the latest fat loss techniques and tips, means your success will continue long after we finish!



Ask yourself these questions to see whether our S.L.S Programme can help!

  1. Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?
  2. Are you worried about feeling silly infront of others?
  3. Do you feel like it's an uphill struggle going to the gym
  4. Do you often feel intimidated exercising in large groups
  5. Are you struggling with motivation or commitment to get fit?
  6. Are you baffled by the 'right' foods to eat or the 'correct' way to exercise?


What does the S.L.S Programme include?


Led by Helen Smith, who specialises in training women at their own pace, this progressive 6 week program will have you feeling fitter, healthier and full of energy! The program is designed to include:

  • Support throughout - we will support and encourage you throughout the program.
  • Change your body composition - focused on building lean muscle tissue, toning your body and dropping pounds and inches. You will be amazed how quickly your body shape begins to change!
  • Specially crafted progressive workouts - designed to get you maximum results in minimum time!
  • Measurement charting - so that you can regularly see how you are progressing.
  • Real, long term benefits - the program is about re-balancing your hormones and helping you make long term lifestyle changes.
  • Healthy eating advice - learn the truth about the 'right' and 'wrong' food, understand how to de-tox and help yourself achieve healthy weight loss.
  • 6 week Fat Loss Food guide- to get you amazing results without feeling hungry. Dont worry about what to eat and when, as we provide all the facts for you! Our plans have been specially crafted to keep you fuller for longer and drop those unwanted pounds!


Book your space now to feel amazing inside and out!


To book your space on our next S.L.S Programme just contact us!