Begins w/c 22nd October 2017

Suitable for any male or female aged 16 and above......


Over the 4 weeks, we focus on the 3 most important factors.....


EXERCISE - the right kind of exercise inc resistance training, interval training , cardio work and strength training to build muscle.


NUTRITION - we overhall your complete diet and get you eating the right foods at the right times. Smashing all the myths out of whats healthy and whats not. Everything is provided for you including the shopping list to take to the supermarket.


LIFESTYLE - Focusing on making subtle changes in your life style, how to manage stress levels, whats the right amount of sleep needed per night plus tons more.


We also offer guidance re supplements and how they can make a huge change to your weight loss success and how to build lean muscle tissue.


Now I know how important all 3 areas are to gaining the most out of the 4 weeks. But one thing most people fail to realise is that exercise alone will not change body composition (less man boobs, less bingo wings, more Abs!) in 4 weeks (even when you are exercising correctly for your goal). In fact without lifestyle and nutritional changes you can kiss good bye to any significant changes in body fat or clothing size over a period of 4 weeks. Please remember this:  If you want to lose fat you NEED to work on all 3 areas over the 4 weeks. Lifestyle, Nutrition and correct exercise protocols will get you results, miss one of these 3 out and your results will be significantly less…  GUARANTEED!


Get access to any of our training sessions at our private studio, you must commit to train minimum 2 times a week.

We monitor your weight loss journey each week by measuring specific body areas.

This is the most effecient way to monitor your success rather than using a set of bathroom scales.




The Top 3 members who manage to acheive the biggest inch loss and convert body fat to lean muscle tissue. will all win a prize.....

Prizes including ......


30 minute Sports Massage with a great Sports Therapist.

HS Fitness Goodie Bag containing Protein snack, drinks and bars to help you post and pre workout.

FREE DynamiX fitness sports t-shirt.



We are offering 3 packages on our Body Transformation 4 week program......


 BRONZE....The program only for just £50.


 SILVER ......The 4 week program , PLUS a tub of high quality top protein powder. This is vital post workout to repair the muscles you have used, to help you recover quicker form each workout and ease sore muscles and conver body fat to lean muscle. Total cost only £85.


GOLD........ This includes the 4 week program, tub of Protein powder , jar of Green Tea tablets which speeds up the metabolism and helps burn calories and fat quicker. And also a FREE box of protein snack bars....... Total cost £100.


And remember , fueling your body with the right supplements and nutrition is 80% of your goal, the exercise program contains the remainng 20 %!!!!!


Once booked on, you will receive a confirmation email and a health and lifestyle questionnaire will be sent to you for you to complete before you commence the challenge.